Printer ink is one of the most used and required commodity. Therefore, it is necessary to use it in substantial amount rather than wasting it. The ink cartridge is one of the essential factors in the printed page. While the cost for the monochrome ink cartridge is less, the colored one can be pretty expensive.

So, we have brought to you a list by which you can save money from buying printer inks

Printer Ink Tips to Save Money

  1. Compare the cost-per-page rather than the sticker price of the printer

When you get a printer for a low cost the way to find whether it is beneficial is to determine the cost-per-page, given by the manufacturer of the printer. The cost depends on the price of the cartridge utilized by the printer. Thus, if you are looking to save money on the printer ink, you should have a cartridge of high capacity.

  1. Use different fonts

Though it may not sound very efficient, the font has an important role to play. There are certain fonts which use more ink while some use very less ink even when you print several pages. It is believed that fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond use very less amount of font, while that of Comic Sans and Verdana use much of the ink cartridge.

  1. Utilize the Refilled Printer Cartridges

The cost of refilled printer cartridge is much lesser compared to a new one. Even, the price of the ink which you will use to refill will also be much less. Though there are possibilities that a refilled cartridge may fail as compared to new one, the printed document’s draft mode made with refilled cartridge acts sufficient and is very effective of cost. If you use these refilled printer cartridges, you can save up a considerable amount of money.

  1. Print in monochrome

Often printing small photos in a color format can prove to be waste of money, since you won’t need them. Thus, you should prefer to print these pages using the black ink.

The color choice entirely depends on the printer and the source you are printing from. From the internet, you can adjust the color from the Print option, while from that in Word, you can adjust from Printer Properties.

  1. Utilize the virtual printer to choose the file print selection

You can try out various virtual printers to determine the file print selection. When you get the document from the virtual printer, you can edit out the parts and save the actual document which you need to print. This will help you save money from spending on printer ink.

There are various websites which offer your printer ink at a low price. Try out such if you need their services right away. You can look out for them and compare the prices. Then, you may proceed according to your needs.