Living in Oregon grants you more than just easy access to the great outdoors. Those who reside in this state are provided a variety of career opportunities that not only grant a decent living, but a chance to have a positive effect on another person’s life. If you’re a long-time resident or just moving to the Beaver state and you’re wondering what profession is up your alley, you won’t be short on options.

The list below includes several professions that may require a decent amount of schooling, but the abilities you receive make it totally worth it. Here are the best careers to pursue in Oregon.


When it comes to helping people improve their lives, some individuals need assistance dealing with mental or emotional trauma. In this case, being a psychiatrist is the best way to go, as you get to learn the how physical conditions and social factors can affect the way people respond to different issues. This job also gives you the chance to connect to your patients on a personal level, giving them someone to trust and an easier way to live a normal life they previously had a hard time achieving.

There are plenty of accredited online and continuing education degree programs available for students who are in the health department but want to switch over to psychiatry. Classes teach you how the body and mind connect to affect how people handle emotional issues, which leads to the best treatments.

Registered Nurse

If focusing on health issues centering more on the human body is more of your thing, then being a registered nurse (RN) is more up your alley. This job requires a variety of tasks in order to ensure a patient’s recovery, including assigning the right medications, keeping records of conditions and patients’ recovery progress, and assisting other doctors who are above you, below you, or on the same level.

Being an RN also gives you access to a variety of medical facilities, such as hospitals and nursing homes, which means you get to work on patients of different ages and with different conditions at the same time.

Detective/Criminal Investigator

You may want to spend your life solving crimes and creating safer neighborhoods. In that case, you should consider being a detective or criminal investigator if you want to live in Oregon. The cases that you’ll be able to solve could range from theft, breaking-and-entering, kidnapping and murder to tax evasion and fraud, and you get to work with other law officials on different levels.

Being able to solve crimes on the local, state and federal levels means more work that is available to you, which leads to more money that can be made. You will also only need an Associate’s degree and training to be qualified for this job, which should save you a great deal of time and money on education.

Web Developer

The advancements we are making in technology has led to a variety of jobs available to those looking to use their skills in the digital world. One way to make a good living in this aspect is to become a web developer, which involves giving websites the right look to bring in the attention companies need to boost sales and create relationships with customers.

This job includes creating layouts for different pages, adding images and videos to make the presentation more entertaining, and providing content that is fun and informative for viewers. In addition to working for tech-focused companies, you can help businesses in the entertainment, fitness, health, politics or sports industry, providing different avenues to make money, even for several companies at once.

Chief Executive

You may be at a point in your professional life where you are ready to be in charge of a company involved in the industry you’ve worked in for decades. If this is you, then you’ll want to consider the many chief executive openings in Oregon. This position will have you manage the overall operations of your company and provide the chance to impart your knowledge of young professionals who are in the position you were once in.

This role also involves communicating between different groups, including the board of directors, corporate operations, investors and regular staff. You’ll be able to build relationships with people on different levels, as well as connect these levels to make sure everyone does their job to the best of their ability.

Consider these career paths so that you can enjoy fulfillment a great living situation in Oregon.