As like clen, ketotifen is safe to use and it has the similar clen properties and cycle. Actually, the ketotifen is a most effective product that can be extensively used in Europe in order to treat the symptoms like bronchial asthma and some other allergies. According to several studies, it is also being used as a treatment for colitis as well as for weight gain and increase in appetite without any side effects. The ketotifen is also very effective to use in order to protect the cells in small intestine, stomach and the rest of guts from a number of toxins. It may also be helpful for treating the skin problems like acne and reduces the edema around sores.

The Clenbuterol is a beta 2 receptor and it has a restricted anabolic outcome during the staring stage of usage. Afterwards, it is normally used to fight against the fat cells. When you take higher doses, it can be very catabolic to muscle and also be cycled on a 2 week on/ 2 week off basis. The clen ketotifen cycle also binds the beta 2 receptors to become down regulate and well saturated. On the other hand, the magic of ketotifen is that it will also regulate the beta receptors such as beta 2s that the clen already uses. As long as you consume ketotifen, it will start to clean these receptors and never allow them to down regulate. However, it does perform heavy clen cycle that allows you to take clen continuously without even having to off the cycle to reproduce the receptors.

Clenbuterol Ketotifen Cycle

Dosing of ketotifen-clen

No studies have been done to find the most effective dose till now. But most of the German researchers used 4 mg ED. They suggested that the normal dose of ketotifen is 3 to 4 mg ED, which seems an ideal option. When you take higher doses, you have to be quite safe because it makes you far too sleepy of while taking a heavy dose. You should also ensure that there is no adverse effect other than increased appetite or drowsiness. This will make you feel quite hungry, especially for solid foods. Better you can take it divided in day time or all at once. Whenever you take ketotifen, you must ensure whether it is safe to use and also suits for your body.

Clen cycle plan with ketotifen

People who are looking for a lot of weight to lose or have been fighting to lose weight for many years with no reaction, there are Clenbuterol stacks available. This will push your body to limit its fat burning capabilities. To lose more fat, you will require clen hydrochloride 40 mcg tablets and ketotifen 1 mg tablets. If you are women, you will require 100×40 mcg Clenbuterol tablets and 100×1 mg ketotifen tablets. This Clenbuterol usually increase your body temperature and heart rate that leads to burn a lot of calories per hour. This is why; the clen ketotifen cycle can be taken by people who want good shape and tone physique.