Running a small business means taking on many hats. One hat is that of the IT Guy. What? Why would you have to maintain the computers, you can get a service or hire someone for that. With today’s economy being what it is though, let’s take a look at if you don’t want to waste money on those and how getting rid of dell errors can help keep your computers working longer.

What are dell errors and why would they matter to running a business? Computers keep a library of bits of code (computer language) that several different programs use. In order to make each program work, they have to expect the same bit of code to be there when they look for it. However, when you update Windows, install new programs or update programs they might change the dell file(s) they use in order to function better.

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When this happens, other programs have to be updated to anticipate the changed dell files. It’s like manuals for doing your taxes, people might be using different forms to complete them but if one part is changed for one form, everything else might need updating.

How can I fix dell errors by myself? You can fix dell errors by yourself, but it’s not the easiest thing to do. When you get a dell error, you need to either update that specific dell file (which can be downloaded, usually from Microsoft) or you’ll need to update the program that had the error. In either case this might require several updates to fix and if one program needed updating, other programs might. So, as you can see if you’re not very tech savvy it gets a little onerous.

The real question is should you try. If you don’t want to do these things manually or catch them before your program or Windows crashes, you can try a program like PC Health Boost that looks for these issues ahead of time and tells you what to fix if it needs to be.

What else can I do to make sure the computers are ready to work? There are a few other things you might want to do to make your computers work smoother. – Delete temporary files by going to the Start menu, typing “%tamp%” in search bar and deleting everything that shows up. There can be lots of gigs stuck around doing nothing. -Make sure to delete files on customers you no longer need, then clean up any empty space by using a program to clean up unused space.

Even when you delete files, your computer doesn’t actually destroy the info. It only forgets where it is. To truly erase it, use a program. – Use a program like PC Health boost to look for other issues you can hardly detect before they blow up in your face.

Hopefully you’ll take some of these precautions to heart. In the future make sure your computers are as ready to work as your workers are, fix dell errors with a program like PC Health boost. Check it out before you need it.