A diamond is one of the hardest natural known materials on the earth and are formed from millions of years of geological pressure, and excavated from diamond mines deep in the earth. Diamond excavation is a labor-intensive process. Constricted industry handling and marketing that leads to a discernment of rarity and charisma, make the natural diamonds expensive.

There are several diamond substitutes available in the market from recent few years and they are known as synthetic diamonds and look almost alike to natural diamonds. synthetic diamonds are also known as fake diamonds and below are all the necessary details and facts you need to know about synthetic diamonds.

Facts About Synthetic Diamonds

What are Synthetic Diamonds?

A diamond created in a lab is known as synthetic or man-made diamond. These diamonds are usually called as a copy of natural and real diamond because the same procedures and methods are used for creating. Synthetic diamonds are made with the same crystal frame structure as a pure diamond. Fake or synthetic diamonds are easily available in the market and come with the same cut, clarity and weight etc. that’s why it is hard to differentiate the real and synthetic diamond.

As we all know that Chocolate Diamonds® are the rare and high-quality diamonds sold by the fine jewelry group LeVian, you may also find poor quality and color treated diamonds in the market similar to the real chocolate diamonds. those artificial diamonds are known as synthetic diamonds. However, you can ask the seller for diamond certification in order to verify whether it is high quality real diamond or a diamond created in a lab. Millions of years is the only difference between a real and synthetic diamond as this duration makes a gemstone an extraordinary and valuable diamond.

How are Fake or Synthetic Diamonds Made?

A less significant method is used to create synthetic diamonds in the lab and it is inferior than the origins of real natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are excavated around the world from different diamond mines by using a variety of mining machinery and equipment. On another hand, synthetic diamonds are made by humans in the lab by placing the element named carbon under a high temperature and pressure. When the carbon is kept under high temperature and pressure for a specific period of time, it becomes a diamond crystal. In another process, scientists take a tiny seed of a natural and real diamond crystal and grow it in a specific environment.

Are Synthetic Diamonds Valuable and Expensive?

According to the experts, a lab grown diamond is usually 40% less expensive than a real diamond. Aspects like color, clarity and size can have a direct affect on the price and value of a synthetic diamond but these diamonds are always less-expensive than real natural diamonds. People with a limited budget are more likely to spend their money on synthetic diamonds because they are unable to buy a natural and certified diamond. Naked eyes are unable to realize whether the diamond is natural or synthetic. That’s why, always make use of the special equipment or consult with an industry expert when it comes to buy diamonds.