In the last century, and those before it, typewriters were the key typing machines. But the invention of computers seemingly brought an end to the era of typewriters. Computers were less tedious to use, produced less noise and could perform many functions at once. In this day and age, computers are the main typing machines. In fact, desktop computers are slowly being replaced by laptops. This is because the human nature tends to shift to more convenience, and laptops are tad easier to type on than desktop computers.

Because of the dominance of computers as typing machines, you may be tempted to assume that typewriters are actually dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although they may not be as popular as they once were, there is a group of people who swear by typewriters in as far as typing is concerned. Here are some reasons why typewriters such as Godrej typewriters are still finding market in the world:

Is Typewriter Dead

1. No Distractions
Have you ever sat down to write with a computer, but couldn’t get past the first paragraph thanks to the countless distractions on the machine? There is the internet, a flurry of emails, music, games and the list goes on. Well, with a typewriter, there are no such distractions. When you sit down to write, it is the only thing you can do. This allows your creativity to run freely, and you may find yourself creating a masterpiece on the typewriter.

2. Are Cool
What is cool is very dependent on a particular time, and today, typewriters are considered cool. Of course, it is the younger generation who would be amazed by these age- old machines, and hence only they can label them cool. It is a classic case of getting bored with life if everything is handed to you on a silver platter. They find computers boring because they are so used to them, and search for novelty and excitement in old typewriters.

3. Need no electricity
One of the major disadvantages of computers is that they need electricity to run. In very remote places in the world, electricity is not always available. In places like these, typewriters are still very much the main machines used for typing, because they are mechanical machines that do not need electricity to run.

4. Aesthetic value
There are people who find typewriter fonts very pleasant to look at. Others even consider them a form of art. Such people will therefore nurse a soft spot for typewriters, and will prefer them over other typing machines. Others even insist that their wedding cards be made using typewriters, because the writings are nothing short of chic.

5. The elderly
Another group of people who are very much attached to typewriters are the elderly. Some of them are very much unwilling to interact with computers, and prefer the good old typewriters. For some, it is impractical to insist that they learn how to use computers because they are well past the age of learning new things. For such people therefore, typewriters are more than mere typing machines.

It is obvious that typewriters are not dead yet, and they will not die anytime soon. Computers may be more popular at the moment, but typewriters are still very much important.

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