Most of the reputed and major international banks provide clean, clear tradable bank instruments. These instruments are assigned directly in the client’s name. The following is assigned in applicant’s corporate or personal name as per the agreement made in the contract:

– Balance sheet

– Provision of a project

– Commercial

– Balance sheet

– Credit Enhancement Bank Instrument

In this case, the bank instrument can be made available only as enhancement instrument. The Applicant or the borrower may allocate the rights to use the instrument without allowing the ownership to be transferred. However, the applicant cannot discount or sell the instrument. In case, the borrower or applicant wishes to do so, arrangements can be made with banks while adhering to the rules and regulations of banking within the validity period of the bank instrument.

Leasing of BG Bond

In case, the applicant or borrower wants to use leased instrument as collateral, it is crucial that the bank of borrower undertakes it through swift. This includes the irreversible commitment to return leased instrument free, unfettered, and clear of all claims or debts.

When it comes to transactions from EUR or US$ 5.000.000 (minimum), these are accepted instantly as per subject to the following:

– Borrower/applicant approval

– Availability of borrower/applicant funds

– First come first serve basis

It is possible for the borrower or applicant to extend the leasing period for up to five years. Here, they need to pay yearly service fee. This needs to be 15 days prior to the maturity date. Companies that lease BG bond reserve all rights to reject or accept all types of documentation (unprofessional or incomplete) through email communication.

In case, you wish to lease bonds, it is important to get in touch with reputed providers. The professionals should be experienced in providing these services. Usually reputed providers do not demand any upfront payment of any kind. Some may charge it after the MT-799 / BG is issued to the supplier.

Make sure the partners are genuine, established, reliable providers. Go for only large financial institutions and bankers holding many years of experience in funding bank guarantee transactions. An experienced supplier or company will help you in closing the deal via providing the right BG for funding your trade.

It is important to research on companies offering comprehensive, integrated bank guarantee combined with the monetization program with proven providers. Many hundreds of individuals and businesses are trying to find a reliable BG funder and issuer who wish to collaborate with each other.

Understanding ‘Leased Bank Guarantee’

Leased bank guarantees are quite expensive. The fees may go up to 15 percent the guarantee amount annually. This fee mainly comprises of the following:

– Annual fee

– Initial setup fee

Both of the above listed will be a percentage of the entire dollar amount to be covered or “guaranteed” by the issuing bank in case, the company remains unable to pay its debts promptly.

The option for financial assistance is usually utilized only by smaller enterprises desperate to expand operations or fund a project of their choice. In most cases, these enterprises have already drained all other opportunities for raising financing or getting a letter of credit from their own bank.

Most of the reputed and top worldwide banks are leasing bank guarantees with $5 million to $10 million as a minimum amount. This may even go up to $10 billion or more.