When you need vacuum forming services, a vacuum thermoforming company can help you.

What is Vacuum Thermoforming?

Vacuum thermoforming is a sort of plastic fabrication technique which involves heating a film of plastic until it becomes flexible, but not melting it. The heated plastic is then drawn down over a mould by a vacuum, which adheres it perfectly to the mould and transfers the shape of the mould onto the plastic.

Why Should I Choose Vacuum Thermoforming?

There are several distinct advantages to the use of vacuum thermoforming compared to other plastic fabrication methods. These advantages include:


The main advantage to choosing vacuum thermoforming over other fabrication techniques is the versatility of the process. Many materials can be used to create the moulds used in vacuum thermoforming, but the most commonly seen is soft wood, like pine. In many other fabrication processes which use a pattern, mould or die, this component is the most expensive part of the fabrication process, leading to a pricy initial setup and lower running costs, while also making alterations to the design into an expensive prospect.

With vacuum thermoforming, this is not the case, as the soft wood of the mould is easy to work and inexpensive, greatly reducing setup and alteration costs. This also makes vacuum thermoforming ideal for prototyping components. Changes are easy to make and take very little time, allowing incremental improvements to a prototype and rapid production of new prototypes. With reductions in prototyping time and expense, projects can be delivered faster and with lower overhead costs.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, versatile fabrication method for plastics, look no further than vacuum forming companies like Talbot Designs!

Vacuum Forming Companies


As the mould is less expensive than in other fabrication methods, the initial investment is considerably lower for vacuum thermoforming – and once the equipment and machinery have been invested in, the per-unit cost for vacuum thermoformed components is low. This makes a vacuum forming company the ideal provider if you need a large number of identical plastic components for a low price or in a short time frame.

Design Advantages

The mould isn’t the only part of the vacuum thermoforming process which can be used to influence the final component. Companies that provide vacuum forming services usually also provide a range of finishing and machining options, including milling or cutting the plastic, adding grooves or cut new patterns into the component. These machining methods can be used to complete the component or add finishing touches required for full functionality, and include guillotining, which can quickly remove a component from the base sheet, as well as CNC machining, which is more complex and specialist, though extremely precise and effective in fabrication machining.

A dedicated vacuum forming company will have access to the complex machinery needed to appropriately complete these pieces, ensuring you get the best component possible!

Ease of Use

Vacuum thermoforming is a quick, comparatively simple fabrication process, and takes little time. The moulds used can be quickly and effectively made and altered, and the equipment used is relatively easy to maintain and use. This makes vacuum forming the ideal fabrication choice when you are looking for quick, inexpensive fabrication – in the hands of experienced vacuum forming companies, this manufacturing method can provide an unbeatable service.

What are the Advantages of Working with Vacuum Thermoforming Companies?

Vacuum thermoforming may be a relatively straightforward manufacturing technique, but it does still involve some specialist equipment, including the heaters and vacuum moulding machinery. This equipment, and the experience needed to use it to its full potential, is found only in vacuum thermoforming companies.

What to Look for in a Vacuum Forming Company

When you are looking for vacuum forming services, it’s easy to be bewildered by the amount of variety seemingly offered by fabricators. How do you know which companies will provide what you need? Which ones will provide the best value? Are there any downsides to vacuum thermoforming?

The primary thing you should be looking for is evidence of the company’s performance. Some companies, like Talbot Designs, have a pedigree showing years of industry-leading experience in vacuum thermoforming and other fabrication techniques, and these are the companies you’ll want to work with.

A company with such a pedigree will have evidence of their past works in the form of reviews and testimonials, which will help you to decide whether you want to work with them. Keep an eye out when reading these reviews for past customers who mention air bubbles or “webbing” on the corners of the component – these are both signs of improper vacuum forming practices. While Talbot Designs is always extremely careful to avoid any problems with its vacuum thermoforming services, and will recast any miscast components, other companies may not be as diligent.

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