All human beings have an endocrine system in their body. The main function of this system is the functioning of glands in it. Now glands are those organs which secrete fluids. Testes is one such gland present in males. They secrete testosterone which is also known as the male sex hormone. Its function is to build and promote the secondary sex characteristics in men. The secretion of this hormone should be adequate. If it is lower than normal, there may be a prescription of testosterone included in the recommended testosterone replacement theory which is the TRT. Hence it becomes important to suggest prescriptions for TRT in the USA.

Testosterone increases the muscular strength in males if secreted in excess. It also increases the bone density and gains a high ratio of muscle to fat. The level of testosterone keeps varying due to many reasons even in a single day be it age, circumstances, temperament, etc. This keeps fluctuating throughout the life. Hence just by saying the level of testosterone is low, a doctor cannot write a testosterone prescription for you. As per the natural cycle, this level is very high in the growing years of males during adolescence and while they develop secondary male characteristics like beard, deep voice, libido, growth in stature and body hair.

prescriptions for TRT in the USA

Symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Low energy and activeness.
  • Mood swings and restlessness.
  • Decrease in muscle strength and increase in body fat.
  • Bone mass loss.
  • Concentration becomes difficult.

Again let us make this clear that only by saying, testosterone levels are low, the doctor cannot prescribe a prescription for TRT. The doctors will consider your age, other health aspects, your mental, physical and emotional health and also the wellness in males. For these reasons, normally prescriptions are not provided for increase in testosterone.

 Online prescription for TRT:

Our glans as discussed above secrete various hormones and it is of utmost importance to maintain a balance in this. Hence when it comes to these testosterone levels, it is advised to consult a doctor and only after the suggested tests by them should you proceed for TRT only if required as steroid can do disasters if not taken correctly. Doctors may also do blood tests before advising anything on this TRT. A complete physical examination is a must. This therapy commonly includes various creams, injections, lotions, transdermal patches and pellets.

The blessings and disasters of TRT:

As may be thought by many, this process is not easy. Also, since we are going beyond the natural methods, they have their own effects on the body. Yes negative also along with the positive.

The common drawbacks or effects of the TRT are:

  • Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle pain and weakness
  • The change in skin type (oily, dry, itchiness, acne, redness, etc.)
  • Insomnia
  • Hyper-reactions

These reactions and effects may vary person to person and so do the prescriptions for TRT in USA. Hence it is always advised to understand your body patterns, consult the right doctors and only then take actions as per their prescriptions or advice.