Annuity Estimator Spreadsheet Examples


The Annuity Calculator on this page depends on the time-estimation of-cash or “money hypothesis” meaning of the annuity. By that definition, an annuity is a progression of fixed installments throughout a specific measure of time. This annuity number cruncher was not intended to break down an Insurance Annuity which can mean something completely not the same as the money hypothesis definition.

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On account of the overall meaning of annuity, an Annuity Calculator may compute the future estimation of a reserve funds speculation plan (as numerous online annuity number cruncher do). I’ve just made a couple of investment funds adding machines, so all things being equal, I made the accompanying Annuity Calculator respond to general inquiries identified with taking a withdrawal or annuity installment from a fixed-rate bank account. Model inquiries may be:

  • What is the withdrawal or annuity installment every year over n years if I start with $P?
  • What do I need to have put something aside for retirement to pull out $A every year for n years?
  • How long would I be able to pull out $A on the off chance that I start with $P?

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Every one of these inquiries is exceptionally simple to address utilizing worked in Excel recipes, which I will clarify in detail beneath. Or on the other hand, you can simply plunge into the Annuity Calculator at present. Attempt the Savings Calculator if you are searching for an approach to decide the amount you will have saved by age 65 by making normal commitments.

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Additionally, to sort out whether the underlying payout (the main yearly installment after you resign) is adequate, you might need to utilize the Inflation Calculator to analyze what you figure you could live on dependent on the present costs to what you may require the principal year of your retirement.


This Annuity Calculator spreadsheet contains two worksheets. The principal worksheet shows a yearly income table and a diagram of the equilibrium. It settles for the annuity installment sum.

In the subsequent worksheet that appeared in the screen capture on the left, you can settle for the annuity installment, the underlying head, or the number of years to payout.

The two worksheets permit you to indicate a yearly swelling rate which will make the withdrawal or annuity installment increment over the long run.

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As a monetary term utilized for time-estimation of cash computations, an annuity is a name given to the uniform arrangement income. It is spoken to as an installment of sum A beginning at t=1 and staying consistent through t=n, as demonstrated in the income chart in figure 1 underneath.


The Annuity Calculator was intended for use as a retirement adding machine, where withdrawals are made every year. An essential fixed-annuity number cruncher accepts the withdrawals are consistent for n years. In any case, the withdrawal sum will in all likelihood have to build every year because of expansion.

Try not to get the expansion change of the withdrawal sum stirred up with the terms variable annuity or customizable annuity. These terms normally apply to the financing cost and are commonly used to portray Insurance Annuities.

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