Basic Invoice Template Spreadsheet


Whether you’re a small business owner or business tycoon, providing invoices to your customers that detail services you have provided or goods sold is critical to your company’s financial health and overall success. With this guide and the free invoice templates made in Excel listed below, we can help you take the hassle out of creating and implementing an invoice that fits your specific business needs.


In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven age, providing handwritten invoices is strongly not recommended. In addition to being time-consuming and error- prone, keeping paper copies can lead to clutter and lost information. There are many free and paid invoice software options available, including Microsoft Office.


When considering the above factors, creating invoice templates in Excel is a great option. Microsoft Excel is a digital, low-cost software that requires minimal technical knowledge to use its basic features, and has been extensively used and respected worldwide for more than 30 years.


Don’t have time to create your own invoice template in Excel? We’ve got you covered! We’ve created 10+ blank invoice templates for you to choose from and download. Each template contains formulas already inputted to help you calculate prices, totals, subtotals, and more. You’ll just need to add in your specific business details, including service or product descriptions and prices. Each of the examples below can be used as a commercial invoice template but you can also change “quantity” to “hourly rate” to use it as a service invoice template.


Accelerate your business invoicing with FreshBooks. Create fast, full customizable invoices for your business. Plus, get unlimited access to award-winning support any time you need it. Looking to create professional invoices for your business? Download the free invoice template for Microsoft Excel to get started and level up your invoicing.