Business Card Design Templates Samples


You want your business card to stand out, but not so much that it looks inappropriate? You want something cool but aren’t entirely sure what design route to take or how to make your business card look good? If you have no experience in design software like Photoshop or InDesign, a great alternative can be Google Docs.

If you’re a business coach, financial consultant or have a high-end product or service (anything from cosmetics to boutique hotels), make sure your business cards look luxurious and classy.


It’s a good idea to use two to three colors, and one of them should be a basic color like white/black/navy. A little bit of silver or gold can look very tasteful and add that exclusive feel. That’s why we’ve created an elegant gold pattern to help your business card stand out. Put in your information in Google Docs using this clean outline on the front and include your logo if you like.

Using a simple geometric element can be a fantastic way to make business cards in Google Docs. Even better, the universality of these shapes makes this type of design a terrific business card choice for almost anyone!


Anything to do with IT, architecture, or science will fit very well with this bright, sharp card. Also, make sure you consider this option for hip startups and tech companies. Or become the coolest accountant on the planet with this awesome business card template.

No messing about with this one! If you’re a lawyer or a doctor, this black and white Google Docs template could be a great option to show how seriously you take your work.


On the other hand, black and white simplicity is quite popular with visual artists. The idea is that your art speaks for itself on a different platform, while your business card is very matter-of-fact, like a description card in an art gallery.

Simplicity can be a great route to take, especially if you’re looking to create business cards that you will be able to use for a long time.


Clean lines and a simple outline are an excellent way to make your business cards in Google Docs. We’ve created a template that will work equally well with your logo or without it.

If you’re an engineer or an accountant, use this design for yourself or encourage everyone in your company to use this Google business card template. If you’re a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist, make sure you stock up on these clean, timeless business cards.