Fascinating Communications Plans Templates Tips to Help Your Business


Whether you need to define communication objectives or identify stakeholders and channels, you can use this communication plan template to schedule project communications and establish a feedback loop that keeps everyone up to date. By formulating your communication plan in advance of the project, you make sure that information will be disseminated clearly and correctly to whoever needs it.

Communication is the backbone of any project. Well, good communication, that is. With this free communication plan template, you can ensure that your project documentation, messages, data, and reports are as clear and effective as possible.

This template describes the way you’ll share information with your project teams and stakeholders so that they’re heard correctly and targeted to the proper party. It also lays out the time-frame that you will do so. Not only that, but this communication plan template will let you note the goals, stakeholders, strategies, and activities as they relate to your communications.


Think of this communication plan templates as:

  • A repository for your communications objectives;
  • How you plan to bring about those objectives;
  • In what time-frame and the effort involved to fulfill those goals; and finally,
  • The metrics to measure whether you’re successful.

Some times are better than others in regards to when you use your communication plan template. For example, if you’re working on a large project, with many resources, vendors, managers, etc., then you’ll want a more structured delivery for communications. That way you’ll make sure everyone’s needs are being met.

The need for informal communications is also crucial to a project’s success. It’s smart to consider that as useful a tool as this communication plan template can be, there needs to be a line item in which you remember to talk informally with team members, stakeholders, and even vendors.


This free template, however, is only a static document. If you want to take your planning, tracking, and reporting to the next level, then you want to engage with an online and collaborative project management software.

How to Use this Communication Plan Templates?
Now that you’ve downloaded your communication plan excel template, it’s time to put it to use in your project. Although this document is ideal for larger projects, (as communications on smaller ones are less complex) even if you’re working smaller, it’s good to get a handle on how to organize and run communications for when you eventually do manage a larger project.