Computer Repair Invoice Spreadsheet

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After items become ruined or ceased functioning, we do not always throw them out and buy new ones like replacements. Some items just have to get repaired and repaired rather than getting them completely replaced. And to be aware of how much you want to cover or how much certain repair expenses, a repair invoice is issued detailing all regarding the repair completed.

Within the following guide, we’ve contained repair invoice samples and templates which you may download and use as your very own. The invoice templates are offered from various varieties so you’re certain to find one which matches your requirements. Standard information like what a repair invoice will be the uses of an invoice, as well as the elements of an invoice also have been added to further your understanding of the subject.


A repair invoice is a comprehensive collection of all of the service repairs or labor that were done for repairing a thing, in addition to the charges equal to those providers. The repairs completed may be regular repairs or comprehensive repair of something. Repair invoices are given to the client or customer of a specific repair service before or after the solutions were created to allow them to understand that the services will need to get done and they’d charge so much.

Based on the repair providers and the equipment required, the fee for every repair service fluctuates. The most typical repair invoice is automobile repair invoices.


Free Download Computer Repair Invoice Spreadsheet Template


The computer is now an essential component of nearly every enterprise. It not only retains the vital data of an organization or an individual protected but also aids in communicating. Nowadays, because of progress in technology, most people are relying upon the computer. No functioning of a company can be done with no computer. Due to the higher significance of computers, some businesses have hired full-time professionals that are at all times readily available for supplying repair services.

The very first thing which you will need to do following repairing the computer would be to issue an invoice. It’s always suggested to maintain your intended invoice with you constantly.


It’s essential to look for a repair invoice in this a way which is entirely given your computer repairing company. You may even utilize the computer repair invoice template that’s quite simple to use. These templates can readily be customized based on the demands of the clients. There ought to be a distance from the invoice in which the particulars of all of the solutions can be given. Complete charges of every service provided ought to be mentioned facing the ceremony.

The repair person is going to have to join the amount (Number ) of hours working on the problem alongside their hourly rate ($/hr). Additionally, in case there aren’t any parts that were required for the repair (e.g. hard disk, SSD, logic board, track, RAM, etc.) it must be contained.


The stipulations of the payment ought to be mentioned since they may guard you against struggles with your clients. Be certain you complete all of the fees and also mention that the total payable amount to your client. As a best practice, you also need to have the title and address of the client (and their business information if it is an industrial customer ).


Next, add more info regarding the Computer Repair job you’ve performed. This ought to consist of line items for every part and merchandise, along with the comprehensive labor fees. Every line item should contain the related pricing. The matter most clients consider first is that the total of those line-item fees, which is generally in the base of the invoice. After implementing any discounts you have consented to, add revenue tax and compute your total. Then figure out the total, placing it in the exact bottom. This is due to you from the client.