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Business e-mails are the standard in terms of correspondence. Getting informed of a meeting or a special event through e-mail isn’t unheard of. E-mails may have been deemed inappropriate and unprofessional a few decades back, yet today, it is completely acceptable.

In any case, imparting through e-mails has its cutoff points. Now and again, e-mail invitation messages can run excessively casual, with management questioning its place in the work arena. So to overcome this dilemma, we have rounded up the best business e-mail invitation templates instead.


Welcoming colleagues for a business event is made a great deal more convenient through e-mailing. Rather than simply sending them a message, why not e-mail them a real invitation instead? Here are some e-mail business invitation templates that are completely appropriate to send out grinding away:

Company E-mail Invitation Template : We are getting going our collection with a template that you can customize and send out just for free! Also, as an added reward, this template can be used for a corporate event. Simply customize any detail on the template and you got yourself a well-designed e-mail business event invitation.

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Lunch Event E-mail Invitation Template : If your workmates are considering a lunch event, use this template. With the implied easygoing atmosphere of a lunch event, this invitation template complements that perfectly.

Business Event E-mail Invitation Template : For more formal business events, this template is perfect to use for the event. Before sending these out, remember to indicate the place, time, and type of event in the invitation. What’s more, if at any time the event requires guests to come in special attire, do include that in your e-mail invitations also.


Simple business e-mails for an event are exhausting and could be mistaken for simply one more work e-mail. Utilizing any of these invitation templates secures your receivers’ attention, giving you the security of having their attendance at the event. We have more business e-mail invitation templates to show you that ensure you get that exact outcome:


Sample E-mail Invitation Template : This is one of the most versatile templates in our collection. This sample e-mail invitation template can fit any type of business event, like birthday celebrations, lunch or business meetings, retirement parties, or business conferences. From formal to easygoing business events, this template is appropriate to use.


Formal E-mail Invitation Template : For formal business events, this template is the one to use. Formal e-mails are a precarious errand to tackle however are made such a lot easier with this invitation template. Utilize this invitation template simply by altering the details, and you are set to send a proper invitation for a business event all through e-mail.

If you are as yet watching out for more business templates, do check out the rest from this site. All templates are easy to customize and come in premium designs!