Financial Statements Spreadsheet Templates


Download our free financial statement templates including balance sheets, income, and income statements, and find a better knowledge of your company’s financing.

Managing your small-business financing requires significantly more than just knowing what’s on your bank account. These 3 financial statements provide a snapshot of the financial health of your company. This will allow you to receive a much better handle on your bookkeeping and also certainly will be a useful tool when courting investors or applying for a business loan.


Business owners utilize different kinds of financial statements to get a much better picture of the provider’s current financial condition. Every one of the 3 main financial statements centers around a particular element of one’s finances. While a whole pair of financial statements inform the complete story of an organization, each report could stand alone on its own for different reasons and is often useful for external coverage.

As a business operator, you have to get a deal on the amount of money coming in and going out of one’s own business; to this end, the income statement reports the revenues and expenses of one’s business. Once you create this specific record, you group and classify the expenses according to the kind of cost.

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By way of instance, product expenses relate to this cost to produce the nice, selling expenses relate to the costs of customer outreach and product delivery, and administrative prices equate to overall company expenses. After you subtract the expenses from earnings, you report the net income at the bottom of the financial statement.

This revenue figure is useful as an overall overview of the sustainability of your business. You can use it to track expenses, especially once you compare the info on previous decades. Business owners often align the earnings statement with the funding to analyze spending compared to this budget for the time.


To use this template simply fill out your cost of sales and its subsections, along with your operating costs. It’s possible to change the company name and dates, sub-sections, and numbers in the income statement example. You can also add widgets, as a way to increase new revenue streams and expenses.

The samples of balance sheet below will assist you through the process. You’re able to alter the account titles and also the numbers listed in the spreadsheet to satisfy your needs. You may even add rows, to incorporate new accounts and balances. The total amounts will automatically populate, depending on the formulas that are embedded.


To fill out the following spreadsheet template, enter the applicable values within their respective cells. The overall amounts automatically populate based on the formulas that are embedded. An example cash flow statement is also included to help steer you throughout the process.

Get started on the success of your business now by downloading our free financial statement templates! The formulas are already built-in, all you have to do is fill out in your organization and financial info and see that the numbers accumulate! You are one step closer to understanding the financial health of your firm.