Free Calendar Templates Examples


You can utilize these free calendar templates to make pretty much sort of calendar that you can save money on your PC or print out and use basically anyplace. There are such countless sorts of calendar templates, it will be not difficult to locate the one you’re searching for from the rundown beneath. There is day by day, week by week, month to month, and yearly calendars, just as a calendar to help you monitor birthday events, commemorations, occasions, plans, exercise plans, school capacities, and significantly more.

These calendar templates can be opened in Microsoft Word or another word handling system and afterward modified with your own occasions, text, and some of the time even photographs. You can invest a ton of energy making the ideal calendar or have a straightforward one all set shortly.



There are a couple of various sorts of calendar templates at WinCalendar. You can pick a format that is a particular month out of the year, select to get an entire year on the double so each page of the layout is an alternate month, or get one that is a whole year that streams by week. These would all be able to be opened and altered in a word processor. For the yearly calendars, you can choose to package US occasions in also; and for a week after week templates, to begin the week on Monday rather than Sunday. Notwithstanding the current year, you can download yearly calendar templates for as long as two years ahead of time.

Microsoft Office Calendars

Microsoft’s calendar templates come in numerous extraordinary shapes, shadings, and designs. Calendars with photographs are accessible, just as week by week, month to month, and yearly calendars, birthday calendars, commemoration calendars, and numerous different kinds. Contingent upon which one you pick, you can alter them in any word preparing program, accounting page program, or introduction programming.


There are calendar templates are accessible for the current year as ones that can be redone for any year.

Calendars That Work

The free calendar templates at are basic. There are picture and scene variants of the month to month and yearly calendar layout, just as a business week, twofold month, month to month errands, and 7-day/16-day calendar templates, among numerous others. On a portion of the calendars, you can even make the week start on any day that you pick. Virtually the entirety of the templates is high contrast except for one, which considers a picture to be put over the calendar.

Calendar VIP

Regardless of whether you need a yearly or month to month calendar or one that is picture or scene, Calendar VIP has the appropriate templates. There are different calendar formats for various templates, with some, in any event, having free space on the sides to add notes. These can be altered in a word processor, bookkeeping page, or as an editable PDF. Notwithstanding the current year, yearly calendars for the following, not many years are likewise accessible for download, just as twofold years on one single page.


Schooling World

Training World has free calendar templates for every period of the year. These templates simply incorporate the day of the week, which implies you can utilize them for any year. These calendar templates can be opened and altered in a word processor. Notwithstanding month to month calendars, there are school year calendars that incorporate two entire years immediately just as a recognizable month to month calendar.

Calendar Labs

Calendar Labs has a wide range of calendar templates for Microsoft Word and some other word handling program. There is month to month, yearly, and quarterly calendars with or without occasions in pretty much every design you can envision. You’ll likewise discover free calendar templates for Mac Pages here.



There are a wide range of calendar templates for Word here including yearly, week by week, month to month, birthday, clear, never-ending, photograph, split year, school year, scholarly year, monetary year, two-year, and three-year calendars. There are additional year calendars for Australia, the UK, and Canada notwithstanding the U.S. templates. These are accessible in an assortment of design styles. These calendar templates can likewise be opened and altered in Microsoft Excel and as a PDF.