Free Certificate Templates Examples


Appreciate so good, that the appreciated does more than you could ever expect”. Giving certificates is the best way to accomplish this motif. A certificate should be brief, congratulatory, and complete in its approach. But while we are here, you need not worry about making it all by yourself. At we have kept ready for you high-quality and affordable layouts in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, and Adobe PDF. Moreover, they are all print-ready and perfect for commercial as well as personal use. But wait, you are yet to hear the best part! They are 100% customizable as well. Choose the template design and format you like the best and print them quickly to appreciate your employees or students just in the way they deserve it.!


What Is a Certificate?
A certificate is a document of appreciation presented to a person on the accomplishment of something. It is an official presentation made by the organization that offers the course or has authority in the entire procedure. However, one must make sure that the certificate has a minimal format and includes the necessary information only. A printable certificate is a brief document containing the declaration of appreciation and the details of the receiver.
How to Make a Certificate?


Certificates come in different types and forms. There’s an award certificate, gift certificate, certificate of membership, and many more. But all of these certificates have one thing in common, and they are expertly crafted to present their purpose in the most convincing way. Let us help you get started by reading this how-to guide.

1. Define and Identify Your Purpose
Before you make a sample certificate, you should define and identify your purpose first. Be specific in identifying one. If you’re doing this to give recognition to your employees, then you should do so. Statistics show that over 40% of surveyed employees do not receive proper workplace recognition. So, recognizing their efforts and hard work in a timely manner is just appropriate for them.

2. Prepare Necessary Details
Prepare all the important information that should be included in your basic certificate. If you’re going for participation certificates, make sure to incorporate it with business logos, letterheads, names of the participant, the title of the event he/she participated in, the venue, and the day it occurred. Make sure to follow the prescribed format in arranging them.

3. Make a list of the Recipients
The most important detail that can be found in a certificate is the name of its recipient. A certificate is more convincing when it has a name on it rather than giving it to them blank. It is important that when you make one, opt to use an editable certificate because it will be much easier for you to edit and change the name of your recipients if ever you spelled it wrong.

4. Provide a Budget
Allotting a budget in creating a printable certificate is a must. This is done in order to cover the expenses of the materials needed and the printing fees. If you want to save money, you can always print it plainly. But for the best results, it’s advisable that you do it in a print shop using high-quality paper.

5. Print and Affix Signatures
After providing all the details in the company certificate, check everything and proofread first for correctness. If you’re pleased with the results, you can now print them in the high-quality premium paper. Don’t forget to affix the signatures needed to make your certificate valid.

6. Put it in a Frame
If you want to make the custom certificate look presentable, then putting it in a frame is the best solution. By framing it, you are assured that the certificate will last long. Choose a poster frame that blends well the color scheme of the formal certificate.


What is an Appreciation Certificate?
Appreciation Certificates are a document that appreciates and acknowledge an individual or institution for their support and contribution to a specific task or subject. It contains a personalized message for that particular person or institution and highlights the reasons for the recognition.

What is the Purpose of a Certificate?
Certificates serve as proof of recognition on specific competencies of an individual. It helps the employers select candidates with the desired potential and evaluate them on their skills and experience. Certificates help to move the field forward. For such reasons, certifications have become an essential document and have gained much importance.

What is the Purpose of a Digital Certificate?
The primary purpose of a digital certificate is to exchange information in encrypted form over the internet. It validates and verifies the sender’s credentials and certifies that the sender’s information is from a trusted source to the receiver. It is used for such security purposes and is also famous as identity certificates.