Service Invoice Template Spreadsheet


Business companies and more often, business individuals, that provide service to their clients instead of physical goods, frequently on the lookout for simple to use and less expensive or free alternative to your complex charging program. The service invoice template, which we have created specifically as our answer to the majority of, if perhaps not all questions which business organizations are facing daily, in possibly the most sufficient and less complicated way.

Under these pages, you will discover several service invoices, all constructed and modified specifically to fulfill certain demands of organizations like consulting services, attorneys and law firms, freelancing agencies, accountants, along other companies in various disciplines. Of course, if your business is less service-oriented and oriented more towards the sale and dispatch of physical goods, then you might want to download our service invoice template instead, that helps to do just that, with several unique options related to this specific field of business.


Modification of this first service invoice template, that contains fields for entering periods and hourly rate. This variant is great for every single organization that exercises so-called charge an hour service, i.e. plumbing services, electrical services, solicitor service. This particular version is also good for use as a timesheet invoice to invoice anyone, who is using the service that you provide to some permanent foundation.


This variant is very much identical to the one above, except that, additionally, it contains one additional pillar, which helps you to explicitly specify everything for that the earnings tax ought to be calculated, leaving those items that should be excluded.


Still another modification of the unique service invoice template, which also comprises a list of customers, enables you to make and take care of the listing of one’s customers and then simply call each consumer’s details by only entering their ID into the Customer ID field of the invoice. The”Bill to” fields of this invoice will likely get upgraded automatically when customer ID is entered, so you would not have to input the details manually ever again. This version is fantastic when working with frequent customers, it is helpful to retain all information in 1 place.


Impress clients with a billing invoice built to appear simple and professional. This is a good choice for smaller companies searching to get a template that’s simple to customize while keeping up a professional appearance. Columns permit you to add a service description, quantity or hours, and cover rate. If you have to include sales tax, only correct the taxation field to fulfill unique country requirements.


It will not get any easier than this. A simple invoice is ideal for small enterprises or those who desire flexibility and simplicity. Input a service description, figure out the total, and you’re done. If you don’t need to bill taxation, simply set the tax rate to zero percentage.


Like the very simple invoice template, this blank invoice delivers the basic principles without any complicated functions. Blank invoices are widely used by home repair businesses or other services that will need to provide clients using a bill on site. You can customize this clean invoice to add a logo or your organization name. If you intend to utilize the invoice in the area rather than mailing it to customers, then consider purchasing carbon paper to create a backup for the own records.


From consulting and freelancing to accommodate cleaning and catering, both individuals and businesses can use service invoices to offer comprehensive billing advice to clients. Simply describe the service provided, including the hourly rate or fixed charges, and then add a tax rate if needed.