Vehicle Bill of Sale Template Examples


The Purchaser has paid, and the seller confirms receipt of [Dollar Amount] as payment toward the car or vehicle described above. There is a balance of [Balance Dollar Amount] remaining to complete the purchase. [Remaining Dollar Amount] is due and payable to the Seller on or before [Due Date].

The Purchaser and Seller both acknowledge receipt of the deposit being paid toward the automobile as described herein and acknowledge that, as of the date indicated, the entirety of the above is accurate. In signing below, both parties agree to the sale of the vehicle and the terms listed above.


Unsure if you need a vehicle bill of sale? Here are some of the most common questions we get asked:

What is a vehicle (or car) bill of sale?
A vehicle or car bill of sale acts as proof of purchase for the sale of a vehicle and in lots of jurisdictions, it is a required legal document. A bill of sale is essentially a receipt, and protects both the buyer and the seller if any problems arise at a later stage.

Do I need a vehicle bill of sale?
In the vast majority of cases, a seller must provide you with a bill of sale. A transaction will likely be invalid if both parties do not sign one. If you are purchasing or selling a vehicle, you should always use a bill of sale. If any issues arise at a later date, a bill of sale will act as legal confirmation of the transaction.


What should a bill of sale for a vehicle include?
A bill of sale should include the names of the seller and buyer, vehicle details, a statement of agreement between both parties regarding the sale, and the amount paid. A bill of sale should also be signed by both parties and each should have a copy of the document.

Do I need to register a car bill of sale?
In some circumstances, a bill of sale needs to be registered with the appropriate authority. In others (and depending on local regulations), only a title of ownership is required.


Does a car bill of sale need to be notarized?
A bill of sale does not usually require notarization or the presence of a witness. Jurisdictions have different laws, so it’s important to check and adhere to local regulations. A small handful of US states, including Louisiana and New Hampshire, require vehicle bills of sale to be notarized.

Can I use a vehicle bill of sale template?
A vehicle bill of sale is a straightforward document and a template is usually sufficient. A template written by an expert is preferable to a document written from scratch. If you are selling or buying a car independently, rather than through a dealership, using a template will ensure that you cover all the legal necessities.

Is a vehicle bill of sale the only document I require?
You will usually receive several other documents when purchasing a vehicle. These may include a service package, warranty, and any paperwork related to the vehicle itself, like the title.