Weekly Project Status Report Templates


There’s no question that the project status report template we’re supplying you is fundamental and also more straightforward to adapt. What existed is a weekly status report template in Word that outlines the headers, bullets, and tables you ought to consist of in a status report. We’ll likewise supply you project status upgrade instances to relate to your projects and each step to bring the way.


A lot of projects call for regular coverage, depending on the size of the project. Regular monthly reports are sometimes enough to cover a project, but since the primary purpose of reporting is to maintain the project team, the management, and other stakeholders informed about the project, weekly coverage is the means to go. Additionally, many points might happen in a month.

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Because nobody wants shocks, especially concerning project execution, it is essential to produce weekly project records. It additionally offers an outstanding possibility to resolve any type of worry of the management as well as the stakeholders associated with the project.


Probably, the monitoring, as well as the stakeholders, are interested to understand whether the project supervisor is on top of the project and also if he understood about any kind of future issues that might emerge. They would certainly additionally want to know where the project goes to the minute, including a projection of the expenses as well as the time of project conclusion.


The following are some indication to think about in writing a weekly project report:

  • As a project manager, it is necessary to reveal that you are in control of the whole project. The client, the top monitoring, the project sponsors, and the various other stakeholders would want to recognize if the project will be completed on time and also if its application is still within the allotted budget. When possible, this needs to be the first product they would certainly see on the report, as all other worries will be of relief once they obtain to recognize that the project is on track.
  • Provide all the major project accomplishments and activities during the reporting duration and the project goals for the following cycle. Do not neglect to identify concerns and difficulties that the project or the team encountered, along with project differences if there are any kind. Concerning timetable, talk about if progression and turning points will undoubtedly be according to plan.
  • It is likewise important to present all the landmarks due because of the last report and to see if they are met or not, and the various other milestones due for completion for the following week. In the situation of turning points not satisfied, there is a reason to discuss why. It will additionally be practical to provide anything by the group to obtain the project back on track.


Bear in mind that individuals that read the weekly report have a huge quantity of time to save in reviewing a prolonged report. Besides, updates regarding the project are given weekly so it might be sufficient to supply simply the called for data or any kind of information about the unfortunate occurrence which may take place throughout the project application. Remember to keep the report quick while thinking about the situation of the recipients of the report.